Six plans to redevelop the Seaport Village area go on display

Plans include Ferris wheels and a sports arena
Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 13, 2016

SAN DIEGO - Six developers are vying for a chance to redevelop San Diego's popular Seaport Village and the Port of San Diego's Central Embarcadero waterfront area.

"There are not many places like this in the world," said Yehudi "Gaf" Gaffen, one of the developers looking to redevelop the area.

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"We're building this for the public, this is public land," he added. "Change is hard. I think we all know that when change is coming it creates a lot of anxiety."

Gaffen's group, Portea Waterfront Development, proposed adding more park space, installing a massive viewing tower, and moving some of the current stores into newer buildings.

"The stores and the shopping are definitely part of it," said Gaffen.

His proposal was one of six on public display Monday during an open house hosted by the Port of San Diego at the convention center.

The other five proposals have unique signature features that could dramatically change the face of San Diego Bay.

Those proposed features include a massive Ferris wheel on a new pier, a seafood public market, a Ripley's Aquarium, a giant gondola sky ride and an 18,000-seat sports arena.