Shoppers worried about series of stores closing at Otay Ranch Town Center

REI among stores closing
Posted at 6:40 PM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 19:12:37-05

Several stores have been slated to close at the Otay Ranch Town Center in eastern Chula Vista.

REI and Anthropologie will close in early 2017. (Editorial note: In a previous video report on this story, 10News was informed that Ann Taylor Loft was closing as well. We later learned this was inaccurate.)

“It’s just disappointing to see so many come and go, come and go, come and go,” Kat Doan, who was in the shopping center Wednesday, said.

Doran added that the center is one of the reasons why she moved to the area.

“We really loved this little mall,” Doran said. “I feel that there has been a lot greater turnover with the stores here than there are in other malls."

A statement provided to 10News from Janet Henderson, general manager of Otay Ranch Town Center, said the center is working on plans to bring in new tenants.

“While we can’t speak on behalf of individual tenants and their particular plans, we can say that these cycles are part of the constant evolution of retail and we are looking for creative ways to work with new and unique tenants at our center,” Henderson said in the statement. “The occupancy rate at Otay Ranch Town Center is above the national average of 90 percent."

The City of Chula Vista, which benefits from sales tax revenue generated by the mall, said in a statement that while business turnover is unfortunate, they're hopeful local business will grow alongside nearby developments.

"While it's unfortunate to lose businesses at Otay Ranch Town Center, we're certain the mall will continue to thrive," the city statement said in a statement to 10News. "With thousands of homes planned in Otay Ranch, construction underway on a hotel, the new Rapid Transit system, as well as the Millenia development, that area will be a vibrant destination for residents and visitors."

The Millenia development is immediately across the street from the Otay Ranch Town Center. It’s expected to add thousands of homes and potential shoppers to the area.

“The development at Millenia is definitely positive thing for Otay Ranch Town Center,” Henderson's statement said.  “Bringing in new shoppers, enhanced daytime traffic with new office space nearby and more opportunities for visitors to Otay Ranch Town Center with the addition of a much-needed hotel in Eastern Chula Vista.”

The first hotel on the city’s east side is also currently under construction next to the center.