Several businesses saying goodbye to Seaport Village

Posted at 4:59 PM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 19:59:57-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - The face of Seaport Village is changing as several businesses prepare to say goodbye to the beloved San Diego gem.

Come Sept. 30 current leases will end, and the Port of San Diego will take them over.

While most businesses are renewing their lease, several are not citing an uncertain future in Seaport Village and a breakdown in communication with the Port over the past few months.

Cindy McAdams, the owner of Silver Crossing, says tenants were originally told rent would be raised and a three-month deposit would be required when the Port took over.

“To find out that they were going to want $25,000 on deposit sitting there, I just don’t have it," said McAdams.

Over the past few months, the Port tells 10News they've been working with businesses to help them stay. They now say no rents will be raised and the deposit can be lowered to one month or waived for tenants in good standing.

Development is still planned for Seaport Village but the Port says it won't begin for four to six years.

Jeanne Pisor, the owner of Seaport Village Shell Co., is also not renewing her lease.

“We got into a hobby which turned into a business, now after all these years it’s coming to a close for our family," said Pisor. “With my age and husband’s age, said it was time to retire.”

Pisor also adds that business has been hurting the past few years due to the public thinking Seaport Village is closed.

McAdams agrees, “Unfortunately the Port and property managers have not gotten the message out the last few years."

The Port denies that accusation, saying they've sent multiple media releases out letting the public know Seaport Village is open for business. They say the goal is to work with businesses and keep Seaport Village vibrant and prosperous.

The Port says of the 65 brick-and-mortar businesses 12 are not renewing their lease.