Series of burglaries in areas near UC San Diego

Posted at 11:26 PM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 02:29:10-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - UC San Diego Police sent out a warning to Faculty and Staff about a series of burglaries this week.  The email states the thefts occurred at occupied and unlocked apartments.  

There were three cases of break-ins and attempted break-ins that took place in campus housing complexes. There was another report of a car break-in. But UC San Diego police say the San Diego Police Department is working on nearly 30 burglary cases in the similar area. 

According to UCSD Police, on Tuesday, a woman at The La Jolla Del Sol apartments reported getting out of the shower and finding a female intruder. The resident yelled, and the thief took off with a backpack, cell phone, purse, and laptop.   

On Sunday, a resident at the Mesa Nueva Apartments reported a male intruder removing the screen from his living room window.   On Monday a similar report out of the Sixth College Apartments for undergraduates. In both cases, the resident interrupted the break-ins, and the suspect took off. 

They are working with San Diego police to determine whether they are connected to any of their 30 or so burglary cases. 

The email alert to UCSD students and faculty gave the following general crime prevention tips:

If you are the victim of a burglary or you discover someone inside your residence: 

  • If possible, immediately leave your residence and go to a safe area 
  • Contact the UC San Diego Police Department by calling 911
  • If you are unable to leave your residence, secure yourself and family members in a safe location, turn on all available lights, and contact the police immediately
  • Consider contacting confidential campus support resources: 
    • UCSD students – contact Counseling and Psychological Services online or by phone (858) 534-3755  
    • UCSD faculty and staff – contact Faculty & Staff Assistance Program online or by phone (858) 534-5523  

To help reduce the risk of being the victim of a burglary:  

  • Lock doors and windows. During periods of high temperatures, use a lock or item which only allows the window to open small distances. 
  • If you live on campus and your windows or doors won’t lock, contact Housing Maintenance at (858) 534-2600 or email them at: 
  • If your office windows or doors won’t lock, contact Facilities Management
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see suspicious activity, call the UCSD Police Department immediately via 911.
  • Know the location of campus emergency telephones on routes to and from campus destinations. 
  • Avoid displaying and/or placing high value items close to windows. Items such as computers, cellular phones, wallets, and purses can be easily grabbed from open windows and also may be incentives for criminals to try and enter the residence. Secure your valuables at all times. 
  • Be alert and aware. Pay full attention to who is around when you leave and return to your residence or office. If returning at night, leave a light on inside as a visual deterrent.