Search on for Camp Pendleton Marine last seen in Oceanside

Posted at 6:58 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 22:16:56-04

SAN DIEGO - Fear is mounting for the family of a Camp Pendleton Marine who vanished in Oceanside.

Melissa Hair is sick with worry over her brother, Johnny Hair.

"I'm really scared for him," she said.

The thought of losing a sibling is almost too much for her heart to handle.

"He means a lot to us," she added.

She said her brother never hesitated to risk his life for others.

"Even as a kid … that's all he wanted to do was be in the military," Melissa explained.

She said he would put camo on, hide out in the woods and pretend to serve. She told 10News her brother has been living his dream as a machine gunner at Camp Pendleton.

"He was our little brother, but he was more like our big brother," she said.

Now, they are trying to help him. Melissa said Johnny was coming off two weeks of leave when he vanished. He was wearing a maroon shirt with gray sleeves when his mom dropped him off at a train station in Fresno.

She said surveillance video at the train station in Oceanside shows him getting off the train, walking under the tunnel and heading toward the beach. Then, he vanished and has not showed up to work.

"This is not like him," she explained.

Melissa said he is facing an upcoming deployment, but he was looking forward to his first deployment.

"He loves what he does," she added.

She fears his life may already be on the line and is asking for help. They already lost their youngest sister.

"We don't want to lose him, too," she said.

Military investigators are looking into Hair's disappearance.