Scholarship set up in memory of missing Army veteran Julia Jacobson

Posted at 11:36 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 08:23:22-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The family of a murdered San Diego Army Veteran is setting up a scholarship in her memory. 

Julia Jacobson's sister, Casey Jacobson, spoke to 10News from her home in North Dakota Tuesday. The family had bracelets made in honor of Julia and her beloved dog, Boogie. 


"The first time she went to Iraq we all got yellow bracelets that had her name on them and we wore them all while she was deployed and she sent them as a way to remember her and so that's what we are doing in the case here," said Jacobson. 

The bracelets are being sold on Amazon for $20 each. The money raised will be used to set up a scholarship at Spearfish High School in Spearfish, South Dakota, where Julia went to high school. 

"I think some of what she stood for and how she was as a person, some of that gets lost and so I'm very happy to talk about this effort that we're doing," said Jacobson. 

Ideally, the family would like the scholarship to help another young woman pursue a career in the military. 

"I think it's a nice way to memorialize her, outside of what happened," said Jacobson. 

Julia's ex-husband, Dalen Ware, is in jail in San Bernardino County. Police say forensic evidence found in Julia's abandoned car in University Heights, led them to arrest Ware at his home in Arizona. 

They believe he killed Julia and her dog in San Bernardino County Labor Day weekend.  They are still searching for their remains.

"Someone has been arrested for her murder, but we still want to find her, and so (the bracelet is) just a symbol that we need to find her yet, and treasure her memory, all the memories here," said Jacobson. 

A funeral will be held for Julia on November 10 in San Diego. A second service will be held in North Dakota where her family lives. 

Ware is expected to be arraigned Monday, November 6.  

Julia's family wants her remembered for the way she lived, not how she died. 

"I don't think he deserves the respect to be called a name," Jacobson said. "I don't want to remember him, so that's who he is, her ex-husband or the person who committed this. I don't want her to be connected to him."