Santuary for abandoned and abused horses needs your help

Horses of Tir Na Nog to host an open house
Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 22:45:47-04

A unique horse rescue in San Diego’s East County is in dire need of your help.  The Horses of Tir Na Nog is an equine rescue that cares for horses, sheep, and other animals but it regularly has to pinch pennies.

Administrator Amy Pat Rigney said they are hosting an open house this weekend to help them secure a $25,000 grant. That grant will greatly help them care for abandoned and abused animals that the county brings them on a regular basis.

“It would be about a third of our feed bill for the year or pretty close to 75-percent of our veterinary bill,” said Rigney. “We’ve placed the last two years but never won the big grant and with 52 horses, if there ever was a year we needed to win the big grant, this is that year.”

52 is the most horses the sanctuary has ever had to care for.

The Horses of Tir Na Nog has operated since 2003 and has cared for hundreds of animals.

“There are horses at risk with no place to go,” said Rigney.  “They’ve been through sort of the worst that society has to offer before they get here.”

“There are some that aren’t going to find homes,” she explained.  “Then we become an option to euthanasia for them so they can live out there days and really enjoy life.”

The open house is this April 22 and 23. If you would like to help, visit