San Diego woman finds angry note in newspaper

Says newspaper delivery man targeted her family
Posted at 11:30 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 02:30:45-05

A San Diego woman is worried - after she found an angry note in her morning newspaper. She's asked 10News to call her by her first name, to protect her identity. 

"The note reads 'Dear Customer, I have a stock muffler on my car. If it bothers you, please keep your windows closed. Thanks,'" Leah said.

It might not seem scary at first, but Leah says her newspaper delivery man put it there after she complained about him making rude gestures, late deliveries and disturbing the peace with his loud car. She was shocked he was able to trace the complaint back to her.

"Someone gave this driver my address," she said. "And he knew that I was the one that complained."

10News called ACI, the company in charge of hiring drivers to deliver papers. They said they're taking this very seriously and investigating the incident.

Leah hopes that's enough to keep the situation from escalating.

"I worry about if this person is going to, you know, get some sort of retribution and take it out on me and my family since he knows where we are," she said. "I'm from the South. It would never hurt for a good old apology."

In a statement sent to 10News, ACI says the delivery man was immediately pulled from Leah's route and will no longer be making deliveries there.