San Diego woman fears for brother fighting in Ukraine

Her brother joined Ukrainian army 3 months ago
Posted at 5:25 PM, Mar 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-02 09:27:40-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A San Diego woman is anxiously waiting to hear from her brother, fighting in Ukraine.

Nazar Chornyi is a husband and father of five children. Until recently, he was teaching math and physics in Ukraine.

"He joined the army three months ago, and now we have a war, and he's fighting for his life and of course, the freedom of our country," said his sister, Khrystyna Chorna.

Chorna has lived in San Diego for fifteen years. Her sister is also in Ukraine hiding in someone's basement.

"It's shocking for everyone. I haven't slept well, since this whole thing started. I can't even describe how it feels living in a free country," said Chorna.

She's constantly by her phone, waiting for an update from her brother.

"Two days ago, it was just "pray for me. "That was a horrific message to hear. It just broke me down, and he just said, "It's hell, it's hell there," said Chorna.

She said the family supported his decision to join the army, but they were not happy about it.

"He has a lot of children to provide for. We don't want him to die. We don't want him to come back disabled. So, we weren't fans of it," said Chorna.

She said the U.S. support for Ukraine has been inspiring to the troops.

"Having so much smaller and weaker military, for them to stand six days and ward off an enemy for six days and the reason it's being accomplished is because of this huge amount of emotional and spiritual support."

Still, she believes the Russian people need to do more.

"There should be millions of people in the street if they truly don't support him. Otherwise, I don't feel sorry for what is coming to them, and they need to condemn his actions," said Chorna.