San Diego State graduate aims to change sunglasses game

Posted at 7:30 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-04 22:47:20-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - If you live in San Diego, a good pair of shades are a must. Yet, they can be expensive, and of course we always seem to lose them. But a young San Diego entrepreneur decided to change the sunglasses game. He created a home-grown brand called Blenders and says they’re founded on fun, designed for adventure, and priced to party.

Blender's is the brainchild of former San Diego State grad Chase Fisher. A millennial, who knows exactly what millennials want.

"They're not going to overpay for something if they don't have to. Sunglasses should not cost more than iPads these days. It's just out of control," says Fisher from his small office in his Pacific Beach headquarters.

So, Fisher took back control. You won't find a pair of Blenders for over $45 and most sell for between $20 and $30. They're durable, they're polarized, and yes, they are priced to party.

"That's a ton of shades. But we'll see right through all of 'em. Everyone's gonna love 'em,” says a smiling Blender’s representative after loading up a van full of sunglasses for a surfing event.

How do they sell so many? Fisher and his Blenders' team found success by mastering social media.

"That ad brings in a good portion of revenue and pays all of our bills here," says Fisher pointing to a Facebook post with thousands upon thousands of Likes and Comments.

Sales are primarily online because almost all Blender's marketing is through social media. That's it. Facebook spreads the word. But Instagram put Blenders on the map.

"Instagram happened and that kind of became our baby. We started using that as our major networking took linking up with photographers and linking up with influencers here in San Diego," says Fisher explaining how the company’s focus on millennials.

Influencers like DJ's, models, and athletes. Or anyone with enough followers on social media willing to spread the Blenders gospel.

"Our brand is really visual and we built it on social media. If we didn't have social media it would be a lot harder," says Fisher.