San Diego officials say Pacific Beach 'hoarder house' will finally be cleaned up

Posted at 9:57 AM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 21:25:36-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - San Diego officials said a home in the Pacific Beach area known for being a “hoarder house” will finally be cleaned up.

The San Diego City Attorney’s Office announced that a court order was obtained in order to fix the house on Crownhill Road, near Kate Sessions Park, that “has plagued neighbors with foul odors, trash, and rodents.”

City officials said the house belonged to Shirley T. Sanders up until her death in 2012. Following her passing, one of Sanders’ sons and others moved into the four-bedroom house.

However, officials said that “problems with the property multiplied since then, as an accumulation of junk and debris overflowed from the house and into the driveway and yards.”

Officials added:

As the situation worsened, piles of furniture and trash inside the house created safety hazards for the occupants and emergency responders. The bathroom sinks drained into buckets, and water leaks created mold throughout the structure. County vector control agents cited the property, and a neighbor reported trapping 14 rats in his garage and finding three drowned rats in his swimming pool. Concerned parties notified County Child Protective Services on several occasions that infants or young children were living in unsafe conditions.

Earlier this week, the City Attorney’s Office obtained an injunction that prohibits the property owner and trustee of the Shirley T. Sanders Trust, Lauren E. Sanders of Lubbock, Texas, “from continuing to maintain a public nuisance.”

The home’s occupants were told they had 72 hours to vacate the property or be arrested for trespassing, according to officials.

If they are not out of the home by Monday night, anyone there will be subject to arrest, officials said.

City Attorney Mara W. Elliott said, “This kind of conduct threatens the health and safety of our communities and destroys our quality of life. By intervening, we bring relief and peace of mind to affected neighbors, and help for hoarders who often have underlying issues that need to be addressed.”

Officials said the city will recover the costs of rehabilitation, cleanup, attorney fees, and receiver fees from the property owner.

Anyone in the community can report a property violation to the City Attorney’s Code Enforcement Unit at 619-533-5655.