San Diego neighborhood on edge after break-ins

Posted at 6:46 AM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 09:46:40-04

SAN DIEGO -- An El Cerrito neighborhood is on edge after two homes were broken into this week in broad daylight.

Now homeowners are afraid a group of teens will strike again before police make any arrests.

“We fear for our safety at this point, so much that I'm going to purchase cameras tomorrow morning and get them installed,” said one resident.

The homeowners who brought the break-ins to our attention did not want their faces shown or names made public.
“Shut your windows. Most of the people we know who have been robbed is they left their window open in the middle of the daytime,” a resident told 10News.
Residents say break-ins happen often, but only lists two over the last few years, the ones that happened this week.
The first, Monday around 11 a.m., at a house on the 4700 block of 60th.

The second, the day after around 2:30 p.m. at the house next door.

One resident we spoke with was able to relay a license plate number and a suspect description, but that's about it.

“I told the officers that if they put them on the line, I'm able to identify three out of the five suspects,” a resident told 10News.

The burglars may also be the ones stealing packages from doorsteps.

Residents have been posting about missing packages on the Nextdoor app.

“We're a family neighborhood and for these teenagers to be terrorizing us, we're not going to put up with it,” said a resident.

We were alerted to the break-ins by a 10News viewer.
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