San Diego man angry about Amazon delivery

Posted at 11:25 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 02:29:11-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- An Amazon delivery driver was caught on video tossing a package onto a driveway like it was a newspaper, and the customer is not happy about it. 

“I order books. I’ve ordered Echos. I’ve ordered cameras on Amazon,” Del Cerro resident Yung Jun Kim said. 

He was worried someone might, one day, steal a package.

“I ordered the ring camera to monitor the delivery,” Kim said “The first time the Amazon delivery happened on-camera, the driver drove into the driveway, didn’t even get out of his car, rolled down his window and threw my package onto the driveway."

Kim found the package on the porch when he got home. What happened was also caught on video.

“It was really great, because my mailman came by about 15 minutes later and he picked it up from the driveway and left it on my doorstep,” Kim said.

Kim thinks the Amazon deliver driver threw his neighbor's package as well.

“The video showed him pulling into her driveway for about 10 seconds and pulling back out. So, in that time, I don’t think he got out of a car and went into her courtyard and delivered it that way," Kim said. "He probably just threw it on the driveway."

This time, Kim’s package was not fragile - but the driver didn't know that. Kim emailed Amazon and complained.

“Customer service responded that same day, and they gave me a long apology and said they were going to look into it, which, I don’t know if they did," he said. "They also gave me a $5 credit for my troubles."

Kim says he hopes Amazon will get better drivers, because based on the video - they've got at least one with a negative attitude. 

"It takes very little effort to get out of the car to make a delivery onto a porch," Kim said. 

10News reached out to Amazon. A spokesperson emailed this reply:

“We expect every package to be handled with care. We've provided feedback directly to our delivery service provider on this matter and will continue to work with customers directly on matters related to their package delivery.”