San Diego Fire captain, crews fight off falcon to save pet parrot in La Jolla

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A pet parrot gave its owner quite the scare after flying up into a tall tree in La Jolla.

The owner, Katie Anthony, said she camped under the tree all night worried about her African Grey parrot named "Sidekick." Anthony said the bird is domesticated and not used to being in the wild.

Anthony called the San Diego Fire Department and crews came out to investigate. SDFD Capt. Margot Johnson - who was retiring Wednesday - climbed up to retrieve the bird, but it took a couple tries to get it down. At one point, another firefighter fought off a falcon in the process.

"We really appreciate it and very very thankful because we didn't think we were ever going to see him again," Anthony said.

Sidekick is now safe and sound. Anthony said she had already planned to clip the parrot's wings Wednesday.

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