San Diego-based Marines conduct amphibious assault training

Posted at 10:44 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 18:28:18-04

CAMP PENDLETON, C.A. — More than a hundred U.S. Marines stormed onto Red Beach and into a combat town where they simulated an amphibious attack. 

“We try to mimic the operative environment we're going into, and a lot goes into these events to make it as realistic as possible,” said Lt. Colonel Alverez, the executive officer of the 15th MEU. 

He said today’s event is part of the team’s final exercise for their PHIBRON-MEU integration training. 

“No matter where we go, we try to paint a picture of what to expect,” said Lt. Colonel Alverez.

The Marines disembarked the USS San Diego aboard their amphibious vehicles. Aviation combat helicopters were overhead to help as well as air-cushioned hovercrafts. 

“The overarching goal is to integrate with the amphibious ready group and the marine expedition,” said Lt. Colonel Alverez. 

He said this training isn’t for any one particular event, but to prepare the team for any urban operations that could take place. 

“While we stay aware of what goes on in the world, the fact is we're continuously training,” said Lt. Colonel Alverez.