San Diegans urged to continue saving water

Posted at 6:43 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 21:43:35-05

Despite the good snow pack and rainfall we’ve received, the State Water Resources Control Board urges San Diegans to continue saving water.

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It would take two to three years of above normal rain to make a dent in the drought. 

Philip Tacktill, 80, has been harvesting rain water for six years. First, it was a way to keep his incredible collection of bonsai trees healthy. But, it turned into a way to conserve water. He believes he's easily saved thousands of dollars over the years.

From the front, to the side and the back of his home, he has more than a dozen rain barrels everywhere. The recent rain filled up many of them. 

"It's super. It's spread out nicely. It gets heavy a little bit, but my garden just loves it. I have things blooming early,” said Tacktill. 

Tacktill got many of his barrels from Candace Vanderhoff, who has also been conserving water for many years and has been teaching others to do the same with her business Rain Thanks.

“There are gardeners who’ve been praying for this. It’s a great time to install a large system because your tanks will fill up,” said Vanderhoff. 

Also, the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation has sold more than 8,000 discounted rain barrels to residents. It currently has more than 100 barrels that have been ordered and ready for pick up this month.

It's a sign people are getting the message to conserve water in whatever way they can. Just three months ago, Tacktill also changed three of his toilets to low-flow ones, proving the 80-year-old loves keeping up with the times.

“You need to, you need to,” said Tacktill. 

There are many options to save water. 

“San Diego county residents can make the most of the rain with rain barrel and cistern rebates and numerous workshops for developing and maintaining sustainable landscapes at,” said San Dieguito Water District Water Conservation Specialist, Felice Tacktill. She’s also the daughter of Phil Tacktill.    

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