San Diegans speak against Obamacare repeal

Posted at 6:41 AM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-16 09:44:26-05

SAN DIEGO — Major steps are underway now to get rid of Obamacare, but some San Diegans said this is a life and death situation. 

“If this was repealed and revoked, we'd be devastated or at the very least be financially devastated, not to mention we could lose the life of our child,” said La Mesa resident Stefani McMahon.

She said her three-year-old daughter, Charlie McMahon has leukemia. 

“They say nobody is prepared to hear those words and you are not,” said McMahon.

She said in recent months, her family has been consumed by the thought of losing their Obamacare health insurance. 

She and her husband don’t have jobs that provide insurance. 

“You handle the day-by-day and you have to make it,” she said.

In just six months, McMahon said her daughter’s medical bills have hit a quarter of a million dollars. They’ve only had to pay a few thousand dollars because of their insurance. 

McMahon said Obamacare has also given them the option to choose the hospital they want. 

“We wanted to stay in a Sharp facility when we went on Obamacare,” said McMahon.

On Friday, the House and the Senate took major steps towards repealing the Affordable Care Act. Republicans argued it’s just too costly.

Congresswoman Susan Davis and Congressman Scott Peters both spoke again repealing it Sunday. 

“Repeal would affect virtually everyone who has health insurance,” said Rep. Davis. 

McMahon said she is simply scared.

“My concern shouldn't be whether we're going to lose health insurance, it should be on her,” said McMahon.