San Diegans return from Cabo after Hurricane Newton

Posted at 11:00 PM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 02:13:40-04

San Diegans flew back into Lindbergh Field Wednesday, a day after Hurricane Newton slammed into the resort town of Los Cabos, Mexico, while they were there on vacation.

“It’s like when we have a storm here but a million times worse,” Matt Brash of San Diego said.

Newton slammed into Los Cabos in the early hours of Tuesday morning as a category one hurricane.

“There was whistling and air moving through the hotel room. The windows were vibrating,” Brash said.

The 90-miles-per-hour winds toppled trees.

Jeff Santa was in Los Cabos at a friend’s house.

“I’m lying there on the bed and he’s got a serious concrete house… it was moving, it was bouncing,” Santa said.

Veronica Schwartz said she was frightened at times.

“The power went off and it was scary because the power went off and I had to run downstairs and I don’t like the dark,” Schwartz said.

“But you know what, it’s pretty cool just walking outside and getting that blast where your hat goes… whew,” Santa said

Mexican officials said there was no major damage in the resort town.

However, Newton is blamed for killing two shrimp fishermen when their boat capsized out at sea. Three others are still missing from that boat.