San Diegans getting ready for Trump's visit

Posted at 10:29 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 01:29:02-04

San Diegans are preparing for presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit this Friday.

"I got a sticker for the car, I got a few more pins for shirts at home," said De Le.

Le is a huge supporter of Trump.

"These signs show our love for Mr. Trump," Le said.

He has multiple signs already stashed in his car for Friday's rally.

"Come on, this is Donald Trump you're talking about, this is a big shot," Le said.

Le will be one of thousands expected to attend Trump's rally at the San Diego Convention Center.

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"We are trying to rally as many Trump supporters from all over California," Le said.

Not everyone is excited about Trump's visit and there will be protesters at the convention center as well.

"We should definitely express our discontent with him," Johnny Tran said.

Tran says he's not pleased with what Trump stands for.

"Just to express we don't want his policy and that kind of rhetoric to define America," Tran said.

Many have been echoing Tran's sentiment. A 'Smash Trump' Facebook event is circulating the Internet, encouraging people to disrupt Friday's convention center rally, inside and out.

"I hope it doesn't get violent," Tran said.

Le said he's not worried and that everyone is welcome, as long as it stays peaceful.

"I welcome Trump protesters, even inside the convention themselves, as long as they behave as Americans and behave accordingly," Le said.