San Diegan says Uber wrongfully charged her

Posted at 11:50 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 19:17:43-04

CARDIFF, Calif. -- A Cardiff woman says her Uber ride ended with a crash and a pricey charge from the company for the accident.

Marcie says a $5 Uber ride home turned into a $150 bill.

"I consider it theft," Marcie said. "I started stomping my feet and I was just really angry because I just thought, 'how is this possible? I have nothing to do with this, how am I getting charged?'"

Marcie claims she got an Uber ride for herself and a friend. While they were in the backseat, she says, someone side swiped their driver's mirror.

When contacted by 10News regarding the $150 fee, Uber said that the driver reported someone urinating in his backseat during the ride. He submitted pictures and stopped ride service for the night.

"Well that's shocking to me too," Marci said. "I just think it's wrong and I consider it theft because I didn't do anything."

10News checked with the friend who rode with her, and she also denied the accusation from Uber.

"It doesn't matter to me. I mean, they can say whatever they want. I mean it's silly." 

Uber would not show us the pictures the driver submitted, but said someone from customer service will be calling Marcie soon. Regardless, Marci says from now on, she'll be using Lyft or calling a cab.

On Thursday, the day after our first story about the charged aired, Marcie reached out to 10News with an update. She said Uber shared the photo of the backseat with her. 

Upon seeing this photo, Marcie recalled that she and her friend had been in the Jacuzzi prior to getting into the vehicle and said that must be the cause of the wet seat.

"Water from pool is NOT bodily fluid," she texted 10News reporter Bree Steffan. "Please just update story so people know if you have wet hair you may be [charged] a cleaning fee."

Previously, she had not mentioned the Jacuzzi to 10News.

Regardless of the photo evidence of a wet seta, Uber refunded the $150 charge.

Note: According to Uber's policy, $150 is the maximum amount a customer can be charged, and that amount is usually for cleaning up bodily fluids. The driver is required to submit two to three pictures before it is approved by the company.