Restaurant owners ask city to drop a proposed ban on styrofoam food containers

Businesses say a ban would cost too much
Posted at 7:53 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 22:53:27-04

More than 800 petitions were delivered to Encinitas City Hall Thursday, asking the city to drop a proposed ban on Styrofoam containers.  Restaurant owners argued the ban would cost them more and force them to raise prices on customers.

“They’re trying to ban another thing in the city,” said Garden State Bagels owner Steve Amster. “More cigarette butts end up in the water every year than foam by far.”

Encinitas was one of the first cities in California to ban plastic bags because they are not biodegradable and pollute the environment.  The same argument is made for foam containers.

Amster argued they’re not the same.  He said the foam containers he uses in his restaurant are recyclable.

“They need to place trashcans down at the beach, recycle cans,” he said.

He added a ban on foam would cost him thousands and maybe force him to raise prices on his customers “or eat the expense and keep making less.”

He said he tried using paper boxes but said they didn’t hold up for wet foods. 

“Pickle juice just goes right through,” said Amster.

An employee in the Encinitas City Manager’s office said the item would be discussed by the City Council on Wednesday, November 9th.

“There should be no reason the city should be banning another thing,” said Amster.