Residents fed up with repeated flooding dangers

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 22:21:28-05
LAKESIDE - Unlike her neighbors for Barbara Helton it's not her house that's impacted by a street that floods every time it rains.
“I'm fed up, you bet I'm fed up,” Helton said.
It’s her job, Helton said every time they get more than ½ inch of rain her street floods, turning what’s usually a 7 minute pre-dawn walk to work at a nearby plaza in an hour lock trek because her street is blocked by flood water.
“It scares me,” Helton said.
Helton and her neighbors are once again bracing for a round of storms, sand bags line the street of homes on Lemon Crest Drive.
During a December deluge the water in the road was 2 feet deep.
Maybe none have it worse than neighbor Kenneth Hughes. Last month he described how water came rushing into his yard.
“When I opened the gate it was like a tidal wave I actually had to hold on to the gate when I opened it," Hughes said.
In December the county promised a permanent fix, telling 10News the road was number 2 list of priorities.
That's craziness, that's craziness, the county has known about this for years, I've lived in lakeside for 30 years and that road has flooded every year,” Helton said.