Renters out thousands of dollars, face eviction after Quest Realty shuts down

Posted at 6:50 AM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 09:50:28-05

SAN DIEGO - Some renters are worried about possible eviction after they were left high and dry and possibly out thousands of dollars when their property management company suddenly closed.

Sean Williams said he panicked when he heard Quest Realty in Poway had abruptly shut down. The husband and father of two small children had been sending them his monthly rent payments, so naturally he worried about having a roof over their head.

Williams said, "I don't know if they paid the owner or if the property is going to be in foreclosure; are they looking to throw us in the streets? I don't know."

Neither do the other families the San Diego Better Business Bureau said filed complaints against Quest Realty with them too.

10News called several phone numbers for Jeff and Mary Jane Allen, the owners of the property management company, but couldn't get in touch with them.

10News found an address for the Allens' daughter, Cassaundra Henderson, who is listed in state documents as a company officer. A man who said he is her husband claimed she wasn't home. He also said he had no idea why Quest Realty closed so suddenly, providing no information to their customers.

Williams remembers always having trouble communicating with the Allens and Henderson. He said they never wanted to talk on the phone and instead communicated only through text messages. Williams was finally able to find the man who owns his condo.

He said, "At least he's understanding and working with me. Most people aren't that fortunate. They are pretty much cut off high and dry."

As for the $3,600 deposit Williams gave Quest Realty, he has no idea if he will ever see that money again.

He said, "Terrible because you're taking money from my kids."