Husky survives rattlesnake bite

Posted at 11:32 AM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 14:32:56-04

SAN DIEGO -- Three snakes have slithered into Debra Schmidt's Rancho Peñasquitos backyard in just the last month.

One snake even bit her Husky Milo.

"I looked at his face and I could see two little marks where a snake bit him, so I got him in the car and rushed him to the vet," Schmidt said.

Schmidt got her dogs a special rattlesnake vaccine and believes that kept her dog alive long enough to get him to the animal hospital. He was also given antivenin and Benadryl.

Now she's encouraging other pet owners to vaccinate their dogs.

Debra keeps rattlesnake tongs on standby and is even installing mesh at the base of her fences to keep the snakes on their side.

She's on high alert for good reason.

"We usually come outside now and supervise the yard before we let the dogs out," she explained.
County Animal Services says the snakes are following their food source: rodents. The rodents and other critters are coming closer to homes because they are seeking water during the drought.
If you spot a snake you should stay away and call County Animal Services for removal.