Sunset Cliffs visitors worried about poison rat bait

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 03, 2017

Pet owners and visitors at Sunset Cliffs are worried about rat poison they've spotted along Sunset Cliffs. The City of San Diego says, people and pets have nothing to worry about.

Lasha Banich and her brother go to Sunset Cliffs for the breathtaking views. On Tuesday, she had no idea that they were standing feet away from the poison.

"It's gross, and just the fact there are rats here is gross," she said.

The city says there's a rat problem and it's trying to reduce the number of rodents by setting out the poison bait. People visiting the cliffs aren't sure what to think about the bold words "poison bait, do not touch."

"I think they should let people know, so that they can protect their dogs from maybe eating it or something," Banich said. "A lot of people have their pets out here."

Dog owner, Jeanne Patton was at Sunset Cliffs with her dog Tuesday. She told 10News, when she saw the poison she was immediately worried that her dog might sniff around the poison bait and eat it. 

The city hired Agricultural Pest Control to set up the bait. They say the poison sits in a secure bait box and the holes are only big enough for rats or mice to enter. Once the rodents eat the poison inside, there are features preventing them from carrying the poisonous food out. The company says there's no harm to people or pets.

"I've seen them at Balboa Park, everywhere," said Don Sharf. "It's just the best way to deal with the problem. They're better than having the rats in my opinion."