Puppy with upside down paws thriving six months after surgery

Posted at 3:08 PM, Jul 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-18 18:09:03-04

STILLWATER, Okla. -- A puppy with upward facing paws has now gone through six months of intensive rehabilitation therapy in Oklahoma.

Milo went from having to Army-crawl to running and playing.

Before, or shortly after Milo's birth, his elbow joints dislocated.

It affected his two front paws, turning them almost 180 degrees.

Unable to walk or stand, Dr. Erik Clary performed corrective surgery at just seven weeks old back in January.

His owners, who run Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary near Tulsa, said it was difficult watching him in casts, not able to do anything.

Jennie Hayes said they had to watch him constantly because he was immobile.

Hayes said he never lost his spirit.

"The first couple of days there was a lot of tears on my part and on Milo’s part," Hayes said. "Although, I can say Milo handled it a lot better than I did. He never lost his bark. He’s always had a lot to say, that certainly didn’t change.”

Hayes said immediately after the casts came off, the challenge was holding him back for his own safety.

As part of his rehabilitation, he went for short walks, swam and had muscle stretching exercises.

After months of strengthening, Milo can now walk and play like other dogs.

Dr. Clary said they had concerns that the condition would affect his growth, but they do not expect it to be an issue later down the road.

However, he may be more at risk of getting arthritis, but Dr. Clary said Milo will now have a normal life.