Public warned of scam targeting supporters of military members

Posted at 1:47 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 16:47:45-04

San Diegans are being warned of scammers targeting people who support military service members.

San Carlos resident Elizabeth wants to warn her neighbors after she said two young women have been going door to door asking for donations. In return, she said they promised to send care packages to soldiers overseas.

"I think it's just absolutely horrible!" she said.

Elizabeth told 10News the women nearly duped her on Monday afternoon.

"They were extremely friendly … asking if I had any family members in the military," she explained.

Her husband is a Navy veteran, so she has a soft spot for service members.

"I did want to help," she said. "And I thought this was a way of doing it."

She said the women asked for her to donate to "Something for Soldiers Sales LLC," so she handed them a $20 check.

After they left, she looked it up.

"It said, 'Scam, scam, scam' all over the place," Elizabeth explained.

There are red flags all over the receipt. It read "Not a 501 (c)(3)," "In behalf of" and "No verbal agreements recognized."

Elizabeth stopped her check, but wants the scam to stop before they prey on more people who just want to help.

"[They're] taking advantage of our heart," she said.

They are doing it under the guise of serving those who serve us. There is only one thing Elizabeth thinks they should be serving.

"I'd love to see them spend time in jail," she added.