Protecting packages a priority during holidays

Posted at 6:17 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 21:46:27-05

A North County resident is fighting back against package thieves after being victimized twice.

"It was a little disturbing; you kind of feel violated," said Carlsbad resident Dan Sponseller.

Fed up with the thefts, Sponseller installed iBin, a safe and secure storage for packages.

"When we put orders in, we just tell them the directions, let them know where it's at," Sponseller said.

When Sponseller is expecting a delivery, he gives instructions to the delivery company and includes a code to open the bin to put his new purchases inside.

Once iBin is closed, it is locked.

While iBin costs about $400, 10News also found a cheaper alternative in the Package Guard -- a Frisbee-shaped device that costs about $69.

When a delivery person places a box on the Package Guard device, homeowners receive a text message or email notifying them of the action.

If a thief tries to steal it, a loud alarm goes off in hopes of deterring the crook.

Sponseller knows the importance of protecting his investments. With the holiday season upon us, he told 10News the extra security measures are needed to prevent more thefts from happening.

"It's disappointing that people are going to take things we work hard for, maybe for my daughter, some of the sentimental things that maybe my mom sent; those are the things we really worry about, of course," Sponseller said.