"Prom-posal" sends teen to hospital

Posted at 11:10 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-06 02:10:24-04

A San Pasqual High senior has been recovering from burns at UC San Diego Medical Center since Wednesday.

Friends of 18-year-old Christian Bastien say he planned to ask the girl out to prom and record it on video. Then, he came up with a stunt involving fire, water and buckets. 

Friends say he had two buckets set up. One had “yes” on it and the other had “no."  At least one of the buckets was filled with water.

Bastien’s friends say he lit his shirt on fire. One friend said he used lighter fluid to get it going.  He said the plan was for the girl to put the fire out with the water, but it burned quicker than he thought.

“He's fairly smart, he just didn't think this one through,” his friend Alex Carter said.

Carter said his friend is doing well in the hospital.

“He was doing better than he was, he can talk and move around," Carter said. "It started off okay and it went horribly wrong and he couldn’t control it. He just went up in flames and had no way of putting it out.”

Prom is Saturday, May 6 and Bastien’s friends plan to stop by the hospital and bring the prom to him.