Pregnant woman robbed through sales app

Posted at 10:24 AM, Dec 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-11 13:24:01-05
CHULA VISTA -- A mom-to-be trying to make some cash before her baby arrives was targeted by a thief this week.
Jean Seward told 10News she went to a Chula Vista McDonald's to meet a woman who wanted to buy her Louis Vuitton purse. She posted an ad on the app 5miles, which is a site where people can buy and sell goods in their area. Seward showed up with her bag in tow, but was the only one to keep her end of the bargain.
“She grabbed the purse and said, ‘this looks good I need to get the money from my boyfriend who's in the car,’” Seward said. 
The woman got in her car and never returned with the cash. Seward followed her and even tried to reach in through the car window, but at eight months pregnant, she could hardly stop the thief.
“The way they sped off… if I hadn't jumped out of the way, I would have been run over,” Seward said.
Seward did some research and learned the woman who stole her bag has several different profiles under different names. 10News could not show her face because Chula Vista Police did not confirm she is a suspect.
Seward is expecting to give birth any day now and wanted to sell the designer bag to pay for a crib mattress and other items for her new baby.
“A new place, we were trying to get out of our apartment because it's not the best area to raise a child,” Seward said. 
The mother admits she should have brought her fiancé along and met the woman inside where surveillance cameras may have been rolling.
“Hurts my soul that there are people like that that would take advantage.”
A spokesperson for the app says they have safety guidelines to help buyers and sellers stay safe. Meanwhile, Chula Vista police did not immediately return phone calls requesting comment.