Pregnant woman given meth-laced coffee at Escondido treatment facility

Posted at 8:21 AM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 22:16:21-05

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - An investigation is underway after several patients at a North County recovery home, including a pregnant woman, were given coffee laced with methamphetamine.

Jill Sherman Warne told 10News that her daughter-in-law is a patient at North County Serenity House in Escondido, which helps women battle drug and alcohol addictions.

Sherman Warne said she learned her daughter-in-law and several other women began feeling sick recently after drinking coffee served at the facility. It was later determined that the coffee and milk were laced with meth.

Serenity House officials told 10News that they "performed a thorough review of our kitchen inventory and have implemented measures to ensure the integrity of our food supply."

Sherman Warne told 10News whoever is responsible for the incident has not been caught and residents are locked down at the facility.

"She was in hysterics; she wants to leave the program. She feels like it's not safe there for her, her unborn child or her son," said Sherman Warne.

Serenity House officials also said, "This act appears to be of malicious intent toward people in their most vulnerable state … we view this criminal action as an affront against the community."