Measure C: Football Stadium Initiative

SAN DIEGO - Measure C is a hotel tax measure to fund a new football stadium in San Diego. The measure will be on the ballot for San Diego County voters.

A yes vote is a vote in favor of increasing the city's hotel occupancy tax by an additional 6 percent to fund the construction of a city-owned downtown professional football stadium.

A no vote is a vote against increasing the city's hotel occupancy tax to fund the construction of a football stadium.

The question on the ballot will read:


Should the measure be adopted to: increase San Diego’s hotel occupancy tax by 6% to build a City-owned downtown professional football stadium and convention center project, and fund tourism marketing; effect the project financing, design, construction, use, management, and maintenance, including a $650,000,000 contribution and 30-year commitment by a professional football entity; end Tourism Marketing District assessments; adopt a development ordinance, and related land use, sign, and zoning laws?

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