DC Daily: Trump's SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch confirmed by Senate; airstrike overshadows Trump-Xi meeting

Airstrike overshadows Trump-Xi meeting
Posted at 8:12 AM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 12:00:49-04

What's happening in the political world:

Senate votes to confirm Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch
-- President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was confirmed Friday morning by the full Senate, ending a grueling and controversial process.

Earlier this week, after Senate Democrats garnered enough votes to filibuster Gorsuch, Senate Republicans countered by invoking the so-called "nuclear option."

The move allowed Senate rules to change, allowing filibusters of Supreme Court nominees to be overcome with 51 votes instead of 60.

With Republicans controlling the Senate, Gorsuch was confirmed with the 51 votes needed.

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Putin speaks out against U.S. airstrike on Syria
-- Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the U.S. military's action against Syria.

On Thursday, President Trump ordered an airstrike on Syria, targeting the air base believed to be the base for planes that carried out a chemical attack that killed 80 people earlier this week.

In response, Putin called the airstrike an "act of aggression" and said the action "dealt a serious blow to Russian-U.S. relations."

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Trump, Xi meetings continue in Florida
-- Under the shadow of the U.S. airstrike on Syria, President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are continuing their meetings at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida Friday.

The two leaders and their wives dined together Thursday night, and the president later announced that the order was made to launch cruise missiles at a Syrian air base.

Among the possible topics of discussion between Trump and Xi: Trade between the two countries and the growing threat of North Korea.

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Actress on Ivanka Trump: "She baffles me"
-- Actress Scarlett Johansson says Ivanka Trump could have a "big impact" by being vocal, and she's baffled by the first daughter's reluctance to take a public stance on controversial issues related to her father's administration.

Johansson referenced an interview Trump gave with CBS News earlier this week in which she suggested that she voices disagreement to her father "quietly and directly and candidly."

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