DC Daily: House votes to repeal and replace Obamacare

GOP-backed health care bill heads to Senate
Posted at 8:12 AM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 15:23:28-04

What's happening in the political world:

President Trump speaks following House passage of Obamacare repeal

-- President Trump spoke following the House passage of a GOP-backed bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

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House votes to replace Obamacare

-- The House of Representatives has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and it now moves to the Senate.

The White House Thursday defended the decision to vote on the health care bill without waiting for a new analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

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Senate passes $1.1 trillion spending bill
-- A bill that would keep the federal government running through September was approved in a lopsided Senate vote. The $1.1 trillion spending bill now heads to President Trump's desk to be signed.

The bill does not include funding for the president's proposed border wall.

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White House responds to Kimmel's health care monologue
-- Late night host Jimmy Kimmel choked up Monday while talking about his son's heart surgery, calling on viewers to hold politicians accountable for health care issues.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday said President Donald Trump shares the same concerns about health care as Kimmel.

"We share that concern for the Kimmels' child, as well as any child that needs care," Spicer told reporters. "That's frankly why the president fought so hard like he did this morning to improve the bill to sure there was an extra layer of protection for anybody with a pre-existing condition no matter their stage in life."

"That's why we're fighting so hard for this," Spicer said of the GOP party's efforts to find a replacement for Obamacare.

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Trump returns to NYC for first time as president
-- Donald Trump will be back in New York City Thursday, but this time as president of the United States.

His 107-day absence, friends say, is the longest stretch he has spent outside of New York since he was born in Queens in 1946.

Trump is scheduled to meet Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who will join Trump at the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea aboard the USS Intrepid, the aircraft carrier-turned-museum parked along Manhattan's West Side.

"Donald Trump has lived, eaten and breathed New York City for 70 years," said Michael Caputo, a former campaign aide who lives and works in New York. "And for him to be away from what really makes him tick for so many years, it's a sacrifice for him."

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