Police ID woman who stole boy's Easter eggs

Posted at 10:20 PM, Apr 14, 2016

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - The Chula Vista boy with Down Syndrome that had all his Easter eggs stolen finally has his happy ending.

Police say they have identified the woman who cleared out the Ford family's front yard while they were at church Easter Sunday.

Surveillance video shows an elderly woman snatching Easter eggs from their front yard, bringing her grandkids back for more, and then coming back a third time at night to cut the rest off their trees.

Support flowed in for the Fords.

"We have gotten items from Pennsylvania, we have gotten items from Florida, and items from Arizona," Janet said.

People sent Gabriel baskets, stuffed animals, cards and candy; even a community Easter egg hunt in his honor where children gave Gabriel their own Easter eggs.

"That's what melts my heart," Janet said. "That's what tells me there is a lot of good coming from all of this."

Janet says it's helping Gabriel grow. He's not afraid of people anymore and his coordination is getting better.

"He used to work really hard to pick up Easter eggs and put them in a basket," she said. "And now he's like a little master. He can do it just really quick, he's gotten so much better. He sees the Easter egg now and he cheers 'Yay!' He's so proud of himself."

Janet says the parents of the children in the video sent over their own basket to say sorry.

"I want people to forgive me when I say I'm sorry and they said they're sorry and I believe them and that's where I want to go from here," Janet said. "I want to be a community and I want to show love."

Police did not make any arrests but did turn the case over to the district attorney.