Police crackdown on scooter riders without helmets

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jul 05, 2018

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - San Diego Police are cracking down on motorized scooters around the 4th of July holiday. Many riders are getting ticketed for not wearing helmets. Some riders say they weren't aware of the rules; others simply don't care. 

It's become a staple for San Diego beaches. Surf, sun and motorized scooters. 

"I love them they're really fun and really fast," said Tatum Gurrero.

The California vehicle code 21235 states you may not operate a motorized scooter without a properly fitted helmet. But not everyone is following the rules. 


San Diego Police handed out tickets in Mission Beach on 4th of July to riders who weren't wearing helmets. The fine for not wearing one is about $238.

"It's an unwritten rule right?" said Alex Bellizzi. "You cant drive 65 on a highway that’s 55 but a lot of people do it anyway."

Bird is one of the main scooter companies used in San Diego. They have a helmet warning on their website and in their app. 

Part of the problem is that not everyone is carrying a helmet around all the time. 

"I'm only here until Saturday so I guess if there's a helmet that someone wants to give me I'd take a look into it."

The Bird scooter company will send a helmet to any riders who request one. You just have to pay for shipping.