‘Pokemon Go' players clean up Balboa Park

Posted at 10:53 AM, Jul 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 19:14:00-04
SAN DIEGO -- Some “Pokemon Go” players are concerned about the damage to Balboa Parked that has been caused by the game and are going to do something about it. 
Several reported seeing trash cans overflowing and litter everywhere. Steven Seuferer, administrator for San Diego Pokemon Go League, doesn't want a few irresponsible players to ruin the game for everyone else. 
“That’s the kind of thing that’s going to mess it up for everyone," Seuferer said. “Come on down, enjoy Balboa Park. There’s a reason everyone wants to come to San Diego, at least on vacation. This is one of those reasons." 
Seuferer and his friends Brandon Reed and Max Poitras organized a "Clean N' Catch" event for Sunday to help pick up trash left behind by players. 
“A lot of people means a lot of little messes,” Reed said. “It’s just bringing people together in a way that’s completely off the charts for a gaming community.” 
“There was probably about 40 people in Instinct that were talking about wanting to come out and help out,” Poitras said. 
The players are hoping to teach everyone the most important part of the game. 
“Leave the place better than you found it," Seuferer said. 
A spokeswoman for the city of San Diego says park crews haven't noticed an increase in littering specifically tied to Pokemon play. There is usually a general increase in littering during summer because of larger crowds. 
Guests are being encouraged to obey park signs, stay on the sidewalk and avoid walking through the gardens.