Pit bull mauls service dog, owner

Posted at 11:43 PM, Feb 02, 2017

A service dog and her owner are recovering after being viciously attacked by another dog in Bay Ho.

“I'll have that trauma the rest of my life," said her owner, Jacob. 

Raw emotion just 24 hours after Jacob's beloved service dog, Buttercup, was ripped apart by a Pit bull.

“I feel terribly guilty about it," Jacob said. 

Jacob doesn't want us to use his last name. He said he was walking Buttercup around the Santa Fe Trailer and RV Park when they ran into a pit bull they had visited with several times in the last few months.

“We were just standing there and out of nowhere just bam, brutally started, viciously started attacking her," Jacob said. "No warning or nothing."

Buttercup was yelping in pain while the pit bull had its jaws locked in her body. When Jacob tried to pull the dog off of her, the Pit bull clamped on to his hand, leaving him with a large puncture wound. But Jacob is more concerned about Buttercup - he says she's saved his life. Many times.

“We're together 24/7," he said. "We've been around the world. She's my best friend on the whole planet.”

As for the Pit bull who attacker her…

“(It's owner) said it was a certified service dog," Jacob said. "I've never heard that term from someone who owns a legitimate service animal.”

Jacob isn't buying the story.

“You can go online for $40 bucks and buy something," he said. "You shouldn't have an unneutered pit bull service dog, you shouldn't.”
Jacob said when he told the park manager about the vicious attack, the manager did absolutely nothing. We tried contacting the front office but it was closed for the evening. Jacob plans to leave the RV park immediately.