Phone-charging creepers seek outdoor outlets

Posted at 7:37 AM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 11:23:25-04
SAN DIEGO -- There is a new kind of creeper who may be hiding in your bushes, thanks to technology.
“So, it was almost one in the morning, I come home, I walk through the back entrance, come up the steps,” Brittany Pizzurro said. “I glance down as I was unlocking my door and I saw a light in the bushes.”
Pizzurro had just walked right past the man and never saw him.
“I kind of said, ‘Hello?’ and he said, ‘Hey.’”
Pizzurro texted her landlord, Ame Nunley.
Crouched down in the bushes, Nunley saw the strange man charging his cell phone using an outdoor plug under the bushes she did not know was there.
“He was scary he was creepy,” Nunley said.
She told him to leave, and he reluctantly complied.
“I didn’t smell alcohol, but there was nobody home,” Nunley said.
Nunley told 10News that San Diego police officers were not surprised.
“They told me it is a hot commodity amongst the homeless community to have plugs so they can charge their phones,” Nunley said.
Police tell 10News that word about where there are outdoor plugs travels fast in the transient community. Ame is going to add lights in the bushes and secure the property. 
Police said if you find a cell phone-charging creeper on your property, call 911. Do not approach him yourself.