Can your Facebook "friend"ships survive a Trump presidency?

Posted at 4:55 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 20:10:31-05

Has your Facebook "friends" list gone down since Election Day?

Despite a gracious concession speech from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, feelings have been raw since last night's presidential election results were announced reflecting a Donald Trump triumph. Trump detractors have responded in different ways: students have taken to the streets to protest, some are Googling "move to Canada," Californians want to secede and some on social media are responding with the unfriend button. 

How many of you have seen posts like these on your Facebook feed? 

It seems that although Trump's divisive campaign is over, the damage could be long-lasting as a mass social media purge of friends and family who voted for him occurs.

One post read: "If you support Trump, and ESPECIALLY if you voted for him, I hate you. I’m not messing around, I legitimately hate you and despise you as a person. If you support trump, unfriend me, block me, never let me see your disgusting disgraceful waste of space face, or have to read anything your sexist racist homophobic etc. brain vomits up ever again."

Can your friends list survive this transition of power? SOUND OFF! Let us know if you've been unfriended or if you're the unfriender!