Video: Passenger flung out of car in San Francisco sideshow stunt

VIDEO WARNING: Strong language, graphic content
Posted at 7:42 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 23:41:44-05

(KGTV) -- A viral video showing a passenger being flung out of a car that was performing a reckless sideshow stunt in the middle of a San Francisco intersection is rousing condemnation from hundreds of viewers. 

It's unknown when the incident occurred. 

The clip contains strong language, graphic content

The video, obtained by a Bay Area news station and shared with 10News, starts with a black sports car screeching and spinning a circle around a roundabout.

The passenger door swings open at which a point a male passenger is flung onto the pavement.

A voice in the video says the passenger was run over. "He just broke something," the man says.

Several people run over to the man who is heard wailing and grabbing his back before the driver picks him and places him back in the car. 

"That’s in my neighborhood! I have no sympathy for that stupidity. Why would you want to do a stunt like that in a restricted area? Where is the common sense? Go to an open space where the likely hood of injuring an innocent bystander or wrecking someone else’s car is 0%," wrote Yahir Marta.

"Always dumbasses here in excelsior spinning donuts and skid marking freshly laid asphalt. That’ll teach em. These people don’t think about the harm they can potentially inflict on others," wrote Anne-Jayne Lee.

The incident was first reported by San Francisco reporter Stanley Roberts who has been covering the Bay Area's dangerous sideshow culture extensively in his People Behaving Badly segment.

The video's owner hoped the clip went viral to show the dangers of these perilous performances, Roberts said.

The condition of the passenger is unknown at this time.

"Apparently, he wasn't paying attention when they teacher discussed centrifugal force," Roberts said about the passenger.