Parking spot near North Park school called ticket trap

Posted at 5:02 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 12:31:34-05

At first glance, it looks like any other parking spot on the aging asphalt of Oregon Street in North Park.

Cynthia Jackson parked in that spot regularly before going to work at Alba Community Day School steps away.

But she recently came back to her car and saw a $300 ticket. She's one of apparently dozens that have been subject to the same shock over the last few weeks.

"This is forced entrapment," Jackson said. "This is money making."

Jackson says everything changed after the holidays. A city contractor cut into the sidewalk, and added an ADA accessible ramp, plus a yellow, bumped pad to help guide the visually impaired. That eliminated the spot. However, the city never erased the stripes on Oregon Street, so it still looks like a parking spot when driving up.

Jackson got a $300 ticket, and says she's seen at least 10 others get one too. A neighbor arcoss the street said she's seen a dozen more. On Friday, Jackson taped several warning signs to a nearby city pole, hoping others can avoid a ticket.

She also contacted 10News when the city rejected her appeal. 

Laird Tucker, a parking enforcement supervisor for San Diego Police, acknowledged to 10News the confusion at the spot. He said in those situations, enforcement officers are not supposed to ticket.

The city then lifted Jackson's ticket, and Tucker said the treasurer is looking to find other recent citations to address. Tucker said he would inform officers not to cite at the spot until the situation is resolved.

City spokesman Anthony Santacroce acknowledged the conflicting situation, and said it was a matter of timing. A city contractor installed the accessible ramp, but it wasn't coordinated with the city plan to repave the entire street. That's why the lines weren't erased.

Santacroce said the city is working on an interim solution.