Padres attendance drop hit some businesses

Posted at 7:37 AM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 10:37:22-04

The Padres had a winning record at home this season, but that didn't translate into more fans buying tickets to see them at Petco Park. 

The team drew 2,138,491 fans this season, or 26,401 per game. That was down about 9.1 percent from 2016, or 2,628 fans per game, when attendance benefited from visits from the Yankees, Red Sox, and some season-ticket packages guaranteeing All-Star Game tickets. 

Some businesses around Petco Park noticed the drop off this season. Ryan Ruiz, who manages the Tilted Kilt next to the stadium, said it meant fewer shifts for workers.

"We definitely feel we had less business," Ruiz said. "We try to come up with different marketing schemes and different ideas to try to get people in here."

A team source said the Padres are happy with their 2017 attendance. 

Longtime Padres fan Herman Reyes said he went to fewer games this year because work got in the way, and that meant fewer dinners in the Gaslamp. 

"Old Spaghetti Factor, we have a meal and we come and enjoy the game," he said.

At Social Tap, just north of Petco Park, bartender Anthony Larios said he makes the most tips when the Padres are playing at home. And those days are totally over until next spring.

"These next few months are a little slow," he said. "Control your expenses, ride it out, and next season we'll get it back."

In the meantime, Petco Park is still offering tours, and Monster Jam starts in January.