Camera catches thieves stealing trailer from Pacific Beach carpet company

Posted at 5:42 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 22:26:08-04

SAN DIEGO - The theft of a trailer from a Pacific Beach business was captured on surveillance cameras.

The break-in, which happened last Tuesday at around 4:30 a.m., occurred at All American Carpet & Tile Care on Santa Fe Street.

The video shows an SUV pulling into an alley behind the business, and within eight minutes, two men get out, hook up a trailer belonging to the carpet cleaning company, and then take off with it.

"It's upsetting on so many levels," said Tiffany Sorber, who works at the company.

She said they don't normally park the trailer in the alley, and she believes that made it an easy target for thieves.

"They backed up, almost hit this truck … and then they parked …," Sorber said.

Cameras at the business next door recorded the crime, but not the license plate of the SUV.

Sorber's company uses the trailer to clean flooded homes and now that it's gone and business is hampered.

"We use that mainly to transport people's belongings from their homes so they don't get any more damage to them, so it doesn't just affect us as a company, it affects our customers having things done fast as possible," Sorber said.

The $3,000 loss is a big hit for the small business.

Sorber said they hope anyone with information will call police, and she wants neighbors to know about the theft so something like this doesn't happen to them.

"What makes you turn to your friend and say, 'Hey let's go steal that trailer'? What type of person does that?" Sorber said.

San Diego police are investigating the theft.