Otay Ranch Victoria's Secret robbed yet again

Posted at 11:56 PM, Apr 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-30 02:56:45-04
CHULA VISTA -- They did it again -- thieves hit the same Victoria’s Secret store that has already been burglarized several times in the Otay Ranch Town Center. 
Victoria's Secret is like a candy store for women and lately, even thieves can't seem to resist going in and helping themselves to all those sexy Victoria's Secret undergarments.
In November. Chula Vista Police gave 10News exclusive video of two guys wiping out a couple of underwear displays -- 250 of them were stolen in one fell swoop. The thieves got away.
The same store in the Otay Ranch Town Center has been hit like this several times. The latest one happened on Monday. Police said a man stole 70 bras and took off with $3,500 worth of merchandise. 
Why is this store so attractive to thieves? We went there Friday night to find out. There were no employees when we first walked in the store and it took eight minutes before we saw the first employee. 
Chula Vista Police won't release the surveillance video from this heist. They're working with other law enforcement agencies around the state to see if this is a massive theft ring or individual thieves.
In Los Angeles, police arrested a man and woman in connection with the theft of $500,000 worth of stolen bras and panties from Victoria’s Secret and JCPenny. Investigators believe the pair was going to sell it all in an underground market. 
Corporate representatives from Victoria’s Secret told Chula Vista police thieves with the same M/O have hit their stores from the South Bay to San Jose. 
A lieutenant told us this kind of massive theft has been a problem at several stores, like Victoria's Secret, JCPenny and Toy's R Us. 
In the end, we pay for it with higher prices because the companies have to absorb that loss somehow.