Sheriff: Oregon shooter killed himself

Posted at 12:57 PM, Oct 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-03 15:57:06-04
ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A federal agency says investigators have recovered six weapons at an Oregon community college and eight at the apartment of the gunman who killed nine people.
ATF Assistant Special Agent in Charge Celinez Nunez said at a news conference Friday that all of the weapons were purchased legally, seven of them by the shooter or his family members in the last three years. She says investigators also found a flak jacket next to a rifle at the school, which contained steel plates.
The shooting Thursday at Umpqua Community College also wounded seven people. Officials identified the killer as Chris Harper-Mercer. The Sheriff confirmed the shooter killed himself as officers arrived on scene.
The U.S. Army says the gunman flunked out of basic training in 2008.
Lt. Col. Ben Garrett, an Army spokesman, said Mercer was in service at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, starting on Nov. 5, 2008. But by Dec. 11, 2008, he was discharged for failing to meet the minimum administrative standards.
Garrett did not say which standards Mercer failed to meet. Generally, the Army requires recruits to pass physical fitness tests and to be generally in good physical and mental health. Recruits also must score highly enough on a multiple-choice test covering science, math, reading comprehension and other topics.