Police unveil safe space spot for Craigslist transactions

Posted at 5:28 PM, Feb 01, 2017

RANCHO PENASQUITOS, Calif. - The next time you want to get some cash for an old guitar, try parking under a sign at a San Diego police station.

Rozanna Zane meets perfect strangers to unload all sorts of stuff on Craigslist. 

"The kids are growing, so we don't need the crib. We don't need the baby stuff anymore," she said. 

She usually meets Craigslist shoppers at public places she thinks are safe, like grocery store parking lots. 

"A lot of times I have my kids with me and then later in the evening I stop and think, this probably wasn't the smartest thing or maybe I should have had somebody else with me," Zane said. 

Next time she'll have San Diego police officers just feet away. 

"If the person doesn't want to meet you there, that should be a bit of a warning, a bit of a red flag, maybe I shouldn't be doing business with that person there," Charles Lara said. 

In 2011, a man posing as a Craigslist seller fatally shot Garret Berki, who thought he was buying a $600 laptop. 

Berki's death devastated his family members. 

Zane, who remembers what happened to Berki, said she'll instruct her oldest son, now 13, to only buy from strangers under the San Diego Police sign.