No explanation for 'mystery liquid' falling from sky over Nevada neighborhood

Mystery Liquid
Posted at 8:07 AM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 11:07:12-05

LAS VEGAS — People in an Eastern Las Vegas neighborhood have been wholly perplexed for weeks as mysterious brown or black droplets have fallen on their properties.

Marcos Cervantes said the droplets have rained on his home, cars, RV, basketball course, and just about everything else for the last three to four weeks.

"It could be grease? Oil? I don't know," Cervantes said while looking at the hood of his mystery liquid-coated SUV. "It's very hard to maintain my vehicles. It's very, very difficult to be outside in my backyard knowing that I can't even cook or barbecue or anything like that because of droplets on my food."

Neighbors in the area declined an interview but said they've all experienced the same thing without explanation.

Cervantes questioned whether the droplets could have come from planes passing overhead, but he said contacting the Federal Aviation Administration yielded no answers.

He wondered whether the substance could be toxic or harmful to his health.

"I would like somebody to take action and help me determine what this is and help find a solution," he said.

KTNV reached out to the FAA for a potential explanation and didn't receive a response.

The Nevada Department of Conservation referred a KTNV request to the Division of Environmental Protection, and the DEP hadn't responded to an inquiry by publication.

Sean DeLancey at KTNV first reported this story.