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Single mom from San Diego loses home in Oak Fire, here's how you can help

A GoFundme has been started to help Dana Robinson & her daughter, Lola
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Posted at 10:34 PM, Jul 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-01 04:03:39-04

Dana Robinson is a single mother from San Diego raising her 11-year-old daughter Lola. A few years ago, they moved to Mariposa. Just days ago, they lost everything in the Oak Fire.

Loved ones have created a GoFundme accountfor donations in hopes of helping them both.

Robinson works as a social worker, always helping others. On the day the fire was approaching their home, she was focused on a client. By the time she made it back to their neighborhood, fire officials had already closed the road to their home. She was unable to return and grab any cherished possessions.

The next day, she learned from a neighbor that their home – and everything inside – had burned down.

“There was nothing left,” said Robinson.

Robinson spoke with ABC 10News reporter Madison Weil on Sunday from her friend’s motorhome in Mariposa, where she’s been staying after learning she and her daughter did not have a home to return to.

“It was…miraculous that we got that house. Because I’ve been raising [Lola] on my own for seven or eight years without any help from her dad. I’m a social worker…I don’t make a lot of money and for us to have a two bedroom house that I could pay for without any help…it was literally a miracle,” she said.

Her daughter Lola has been staying with her grandma in San Diego and also spoke with 10News on Sunday.

“That house has a lot of memories,” said Lola, through tears.

Lola says the most heart-wrenching loss was her beloved teddy bear Mr. Snuggles, who was given to her by her great-grandmother who passed away.

“Mr. Snuggles was the only thing I had left of my great-grandma,” she said.

Also lost in the fire: their great-grandma’s antiques, irreplaceable family photos and Lola’s passion – her artwork and supplies.

“There was a lot of art I had drawn over the years and a bunch of pictures,” she said.

Robinson says this feels like the second time the two of them have lost everything. Back in 2014, they fled to a domestic violence shelter where they lived before finding the home they just lost.

“It was really like our sanctuary,” said Robinson.

A sanctuary destroyed – and a mother and daughter now turning to the community for help.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe to help Robinson and her daughter during this difficult time. You can donate by CLICKING HERE.