Newborn pups die from intense heat in El Cajon; neighbor rescues some

Posted at 4:29 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 19:29:13-04
Giselle Mondragon,17, said she didn’t think twice to help several puppies left outside in the sweltering heat Sunday. 
“They needed help and my instinct is to go help them,” said Mondragon.
She said she jumped into her neighbor's backyard in El Cajon to save several pups who had been crying for help. 
“It was really hot for them; they started throwing up blood and all, they had blood on their mouth,” she said.
No more than several hours old, they were weak and dehyrated. 
“We rubbed it, put water on it and just let them cool down,” she said.
Police in El Cajon jumped in to help, too, pouring water on them, rubbing their backs, checking for their pulses. 
Officials said there was a total of six puppies; three didn’t make it. They said they likely died from the heat, which soared into the triple digits Sunday. 
The owners weren’t home at the time. 
“It makes me sad and angry at the same time because they should be attending to their dogs,” said Mondragon.
Police took the six dogs and their mom and dad to the pet hospital. 
They said the dog's owners will likely face animal neglect charges.